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Why Gold and Silver

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About Goldsave


Goldsave Primary Co-operative Limited was established to make it possible for the rich and not so rich here in South Africa to own Gold and Silver.

South Africa is a gold and silver producing country, but very few people actually own it. Since 2011 you are by law allowed to own minted Gold and Silver bars. In the past you could only purchase Kruger Rands.

Gold is produced at a rate of about 2 ounces per second, that is $2400 per second at a price of $1200/ounce.

World debt is created at around $50 000 per second, out of nothing, which is called FIAT money. There is no back-up reserve and it bears interest.

Thus, if paper debt is created 17 times faster than its monetary reserve or the only tangible asset they can use as back-up, it means that paper or electronic currencies are losing value.

The global financial system is nearing a point of imploding.

Based on the above-mentioned facts GoldSave decided to incorporate an education program to teach people the value of different currencies (Gold, Silver and Crypto Currencies) and the real meaning of riches. Riches are not just money.