Funeral Policy


Members over 65 years – 50% of cover only.

All products underwritten by KGA Life.  KGA Life is a registered Financial Service Provider nr. 15980.

KGA Assist: Tel: 086 0000 535

  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • 24 hr legal assistance
  • 24 hr nurse line
  • Emergency evacuation

Who May Join

  • Any person and his/her spouse under the age of 75, as well as their children up to the age of 21 years, may join.
  • All unmarried and dependent children who study full time up to and including the age of 25 years.
  • All physically or mentally disabled children who are dependent on their parents irrespective of age. (An illness is not classified as a disability.)

Waiting Period

KGA will enforce a standard six (6) month waiting period for all categories.

Waiting period regarding suicide remains at 24 months.

1 (one) month waiting period in the event of accidental deaths

Death as a result of Dreaded Diseases

  1. 0 to 6 months membership: No benefit
  2. 7 to 12 months membership: 25% of claim amount
  3. 13 to 18 months membership: 50% of claim amount
  4. 19 to 24 months membership: 75% of claim amount
  5. 24 months membership: 100% of claim amount

The family / beneficiary will have six (6) months (from the date of death) in which to provide documentary proof / evidence that the death in fact was not as a result of HIV Aids or an HIV Aids related disease – If such proof / evidence can be supplied, then the balance of the death claim will be paid out. (It would be appreciated if this evidence can be provided within 14 days of the date of death).

During the next 2 years, death due to, or associated with, the following will not be covered:

  •  Suicide
  • Illness or medical conditions the deceased was suffering from, or receiving treatment for, at the time the application was signed.

Claim Procedures

Should death occur, the family should contact the Administrator KGA immediately on (021) 944 6300 or fax (021) 948 4443. A claim form should be obtained and completed and a certified copy of the death certificate attached. Your claim will receive priority attention to ensure a swift settlement.

Payment of Claims

An Electronic Banking Facility enables KGA to attend to claims within 24 hours. This ensures you immediate access to your funds once the claim has been processed.

It is important to take note of the following:

  1. Only claims submitted within six (6) months of the date of death will be considered for payment.
  2. No claim will be honored if premiums are in arrears or short paid.
  3. Claims for common-laws not declared will not be considered for payment in the event of death. (Traditional marriages (Lobola) included.)
  4. No claims submitted by fax will be accepted.
  5. No claims in respect of grandchildren or foster children will be considered, unless proof of legal adoption has been supplied.

General Rules of the Scheme

  1. No restrictions are placed on the size of a family
  2. Members not legally married but living together as a family can still enjoy family benefits provided that all relevant particulars are stated on the application for membership.
  3. All new members are subject to a six (6) calendar month waiting period before Cover for death as a result of suicide, is subject to a minimum membership period of two (2) years cover commences.
  4. Cover under this scheme will cease in respect of a particular member when premiums are not paid in time to the contractor and received by KGA.
  5. Cover under the scheme is provided on a month to month basis. No reserves are built up under the scheme, therefore premiums are payable lifelong and there are no surrender values when cover ceases.
  6. If a member as mentioned in 5 above should rejoin the scheme at a later stage the same conditions as for new membership will apply.
  7. Premiums under the scheme are not guaranteed and can be adjusted by the insurer at any stage.
  8. When a member increases his cover under the scheme the increased cover will be subject to the relevant waiting period, before the full cover commences.
  9. Membership under the scheme can only commence on the Ist day of a month.
  10. An application for membership which is received during a month will, if accepted, only be admitted as a member of the scheme from the first day of the month that follows the receipt of the application. Cover will commence after the stipulated waiting period has expired.