Training Product

The world economy is in shambles for the following reasons:

World debt is sky high

Governments are printing fiat money with no value

The stock exchanges are overvalued and

The Federal Banks in most countries are bankrupt.

Based on the above-mentioned facts, GoldSave decided to incorporate an education program and aim to teach our members the following:

  • the importance of learning about saving into Gold, Silver and Crypto Currencies
  • and converting this learning experience into additional cash flow
  • by demonstrating generosity in telling others about this awesome concept
  • of getting paid to watch and share videos with others in need and
  • give them the best of education this world needs today….Entrepreneurship!!!

You certainly can’t save money you don’t have yet, but if you embrace our culture of LEARNING BEFORE EARNING by sharing this information with your circle of influence, then you will soon find out how rewarding it is to convert people equity (the people you know) into money equity (Gold, Silver and Crypto Currencies). The GoldSave tried and tested concepts of the learning and coaching program will teach you how to make money work for YOU producing above average Return-On-Investment (ROI). Even our members, that do not want to refer people or tell others about their new found Blessing, is making good money.

The Training Program will include subjects as follows:

T1: Why the world is moving to Crypto Currencies and Commodities like Gold & Silver

  • Week 1: The Truth about the banks
  • Week 2: How the banks work
  • Week 3: How Crypto is changing the world through TRUST
  • Week 4: Difference between Decentralized and Centralized Currencies
  • Week 5: Cost & Time saving using Crypto Currencies

T2. Setup and use of a Bitcoin Wallet on Blockchain

  • Setup & Security
  • How to Use and Prove payments on Blockchain
  • Debit cards using Bitcoin
  • Why the Elite and Banking industry are forced to implement Blockchain Technology

T3. W10. Traders and Exchange Platforms

T4. How to share information with people (NOT SPAM)

  • Putting Systems in place
  • Ask the Correct Questions
  • Using the correct Methods of Information sharing
  • Learn how to Earn(From Consumer to Prosumer)
  • Understanding Leverage

What can you earn?

Our system can accommodate those that only want to invest and do no referrals and those that have many people they want to bless with our product.

Everybody will earn above average income on their investments and products by either re-investing their profits or by making use of leverage.

For more in-depth knowledge on how we do it, please ask the person that referred you to us or you will find the information in your back-office after you have signed up.